Customized Cars Via Pad Printing

 Toy Wonders Custom Imprinting:
customized toy cars


Toy Wonders specializes in developing name recognition and enhancing corporate image via custom imprinted products. We worked with many Ad Specialty firms -many of whom are associated with Ad Specialty Institute (ASI) and Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Working together with ASI, PPAI, and independent Ad Specialty firms, our goal is to deliver custom products to meet their clients need.

Our specialty is offering personalized products by imprinting your client's name or logo onto our diecast model cars and toys that we offer. Personalized pens, calendars, and stationary often get tossed out quickly and have no longer become a cherished item. Because of the perceived high value of our imprinted diecast model cars, our vehicles never get treated as a "freebie." Moreover, our they usually end up on your client's desk or home. Your logo, web site address, name, and or phone number imprinted onto our collector diecast model vehicles will effectively keep you on the minds of your customers.

How to receive an exact quotation for your customized cars:

    • Email your logo to us
    • Provide item # of the vehicle you'd like customized
    • Specify quantity
    • Specify location of the imprint(s)
    • Provide Shipping Address
    • email above information to
* Acceptable logo formats: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Specific file types accepted: TIFF document (*.tif, *.tiff), Bitmap Image (*.bmp), JPG File (*.jpg, *.jpe, *.jpeg), GIF file (*.gif).
**We have a large selection of stock colors. If necessary, exact color matching or Pantone inks can be ordered for an extra fee .

Pricing for Customization work:

    • One time printing plate, jig, color set up (for one color), and line set-up charge: $300.00
    • For production quantities of 192 pcs or more:
      • One color logo/imprint per location: $1.95 (per imprint)
      • Each additional color or imprint: $0.95 (per imprint)
    • For production quantities of less than 192 pcs (but 2 case minimum per item still applies)
      • One color logo/import per location: $2.75 (per imprint)
      • Each additional color or imprint: $1.50 (per imprint)
    • Extra labor charges apply to 1/18 & 1/24 scale models cars and cars in window boxes. To be determined on a case to case basis.
    • Additional printing plates (if required): $150.00
      Note: Toy Wonders will keep your logo on file for easy re-ordering. For orders over 3600 units, please contact our office for a price quotation. All custom imprint jobs must be pre-paid in full. All pricing quoted above is in US dollars and FOB Moonachie, NJ (freight not included).

Minimum Order:

2 master cases of any of our vehicles (some exceptions do apply). Case pack information for all our vehicles are provided on our web site.


Lead Time:

Typical lead time for production jobs of 1440 pcs or less, after logo and payment are received, is about 3 weeks (for in stock items) + ground transit time. This product line is heavy and you want to avoid shipping it by air. Lead time for larger orders are quoted on a case by case situation.

Decorating cars via pad printing video:


FAQ on Custom Imprinting of toy cars:

Q: Most of the vehicles that you offer come in assorted colors. Can we specify which colors we want?
A: No, the color assortment has already been predetermined. We do not offer our customers the option of picking specific colors out of the existing assortment (i.e., I want only red color cars).

Q: Can we place a special order and get a specific color?
A: Sometimes, but a separate production run is required. However, this possibility opens a whole new can of worms: The typical production for a custom color is typically 30 master cases. For most of the vehicles that we offer, this translates into a minimum of 4320 pieces or more. Since these vehicles are manufactured overseas, expect 90+ days lead times. Moreover, many of the licensed vehicles have strict manufacturing specifications that we must adhere to.

Q: Can you imprint on any of your vehicles?
A: No, some vehicles just do not have enough flat surface area to imprint onto.

Q: Where is the best location to imprint the logo?
A: Most people think the best/ logical place to imprint the logo is on the doors of the vehicle. Maybe for a life size vehicle, but if the purpose is for visibility the hood or the roof of the vehicle is our number one choice; it will be more visible from most angles, there usually is more space and thus the logo and letters can be made larger, and imprinting on the roof or hood reduces imprinting costs because it's only one imprint per vehicle instead of two (both doors).

Q: Since most of your vehicles are color assorted, won't you need to change ink colors (e.g. a black car should NOT have black print)?
A: Often one color change is necessary. In most cases, two different colors is all we need in order to print on all the different colored vehicles. There is no additional charge for the first color change; however additional color changes are $15/color.

Q: Can we specify a custom Pantone color?
A: Yes, for an additional $20 charge, the exact PMS color can be ordered. However, 95% of the time our stock colors are adequate to meet most consumers needs.

Q: Can you imprint any logo or trademark?
A: We can imprint logos and trademarks in which you have permission from the owner for its use. In some instances, we may ask for a certificate of registration or a letter from the grantor.

Q: I can get other custom imprinted products for a lot less money (i.e. pens, memo pads, T-shirts, calendars) why pay more for a customized diecast vehicle?
A: Most of the inexpensive give-a-ways are not kept by the client. They already have pens, memo pads, calendars, etc.. But when it comes to diecast, the perceived value is much higher. Moreover, a custom imprinted piece ends up on your client's desk and 9 times out of 10 will remains there. Offer a different custom diecast vehicle and on the third year, clients will start collecting them.

Q: Will I have to pay the set up charge again if at a later time we run the same job again?
A: We will save the printing plates for 12 months. In the event that you decide to run the same job over again there will be a $75.00 color and line setup fee.

Q: What are popular vehicles that other clients often choose to have something imprint on?
A: This is a tough question because the purpose very tremendously from customer to customer. Some are using it as a promotional tool at tradeshows or grand openings, some are using it for wedding or special event favors, some are using it as a thank you for the business tool for their existing customers.

For a list of commonly used vehicle that we imprint on
In many cases, because these promotional products are given away, most clients select smaller vehicles due to budgetary constraints. Vehicles in this particular 1:28 to 1:38 scale seem to be the most popular size. Please keep in mind that we can only imprint on vehicles that have adequate surface area to drop a logo, web site, phone number, etc...
For further questions, please email your inquiries to Lewis: