Highway 61 - Dodge 330 (1964, 1:18, Green)

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50048GN HIGHWAY 61 Dodge Series Sedan (1964). 1:18 scale. Diecast metal collection car. Opening hood/doors/trunk. By F.F. Ertl III, Inc. $38.00/pcs. Light GREEN color.

The following information presented is from the manufacturer Trademark Models®/Die-Cast Promotions® by F.F. Ertl III, Inc.,:

1:18 Scale 1964 Dodge 330 Hemi Light Green Poly

"The Lean New Breed!"

Casting away styling of the late 50s and the beginning of the new decade, Dodge made dramatic styling changes to their "S-Series" cars from 1962 on. The proportions of the cars were drastically altered, with shortened rear decks and lengthened hoods, emphasizing front-end styling. Tail fins were gone for good, and other other new styling treatments included gracefully sculptered body sides and curved side glass. A new "dog bone" grille was added that opened on each end to circular cowls that housed the low-beam headlights, a recurrent theme that continued on full-size Dodge cars until 1968. The 1964 330 Series, although the lowest priced of standard sized sedans of the Dodge line, benefited greatly from these engineering and styling updates. Styling aside, unbridled underhood performance was stressed in the Dodge 330. The proven 426 "Max Wedge" engine was still available in early year production models, with performance topping at 365 horsepower. Not satisfied, Dodge engineers introduced the new 426 "Hemi" engine in February of 1964. Rated conservatively at 425 horsepower, over 500 horsepower was a more accurate figure. It was obvious that Dodge had set forth to be the driving force on the race track, dragstrip and street, and had achieved their goal.

Age Recommendation: 8 years and up

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Highway 61 - Dodge 330 (1964, 1:18, Green)
Highway 61 - Dodge 330 (1964, 1:18, Green)