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January 30, 2009


A few shipments arrived this week. If you log into your account at, before clicking on any of the links below, approved wholesale accounts will see wholesale pricing.

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DIECAST Collectible Model Cars And More

Item# Description Stock Status
12807R Greenlight Muscle Car Garage - Dodge Challenger Hard Top (1970, 1:18 scale diecast model, Bright Red) 12807R New
12808TQ Greenlight Muscle Car Garage - Dodge Challenger Hard Top (1970, 1:18 scale diecast model, Light Turquoise Poly) 12808TQ New
AMM911PK Round 2 ERTL Elite - Dodge Charger R/T Hard Top (1970, 1:18 scale diecast model, Panther Pink) AMM911PK New
AMM912CM Round 2 ERTL Elite - Dodge Super Bee Hard Top (1971, 1:18 scale diecast model, Gold) AMM912CM New
50430R Mattel Hot Wheels - Ferrari F50 (1:18 scale diecast model, Red) 50430R Restock
5020D Kinsmart - BMW X5 SUV (1:36, Asstd.) 5020D Restock
5022/2D Kinsmart - BMW Z8 Soft Top & Open Top Convertible (1:36, Asstd.) 5022/2D Restock
5039DF Kinsmart - Dodge Viper Race Car (1:36, Asstd.) 5039DF Restock
5046D Kinsmart - Lexus IS300 Hard Top w/ Sunroof (1:36, Asstd.) 5046D Restock
5050D Kinsmart - Kenworth T2000 (1:66, Asstd.) 5050D Restock
5052D Kinsmart - Mitsubishi Lancer No Decals Hard Top (1:36, Asstd.) 5052D Restock
5059DF Kinsmart - Mini Cooper S (1:28, Asstd.) 5059DF New
5073D Kinsmart - Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (2003, 1:32, Asstd.) 5073D Restock
5075D Kinsmart - Porsche Cayenne SUV (1:38, Asstd.) 5075D Restock
5076D Kinsmart - Ford Fusion SUV (2003, 1:32, Asstd.) 5076D New
5097DP Kinsmart - Hummer H2 SUT Police Pickup (1:40, Black) 5097DP Restock
5305D Kinsmart - Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible (2007, 1:36, Asstd.) 5305D Restock
5306DD Kinsmart - Volvo C70 Convertible (1:36, Asstd.) 5306DD Restock
5315D Kinsmart - Audi R8 Hard Top (1:36, Asstd.) 5315D Restock

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Lu Su
Toy Wonders, In

Lu Su

God and the Art of Toy and Diecast Marketing
Significance through Contribution
By Lu Su

"Did you know that New Jersey has the worst drivers?", asked my wife.
"Where did you hear that?", I asked, "From Jay Leno or did the National Enquirer conduct some poll or something?"
"No, I'm serious. it's here on the front page of our newspaper and that study was conducted by the national insurance company GMAC.", my wife replied. "And get this, out of 50 states, Kansas was rated #1 for having the most knowledgeable drivers and New Jersey was dead last and took the 51st spot on having the least knowledgeable drivers".
"Great!" I thought to myself, "More daggers for my friends living in other states to jab me with." But this is serious stuff, because from my experience, banks and insurance companies tend to have the best and most timely information. When you are constantly accessing risks, and selling a product or service based on that risk assessment, you better have good information. And you better be good at what you do ".

I know this might sound like a crazy question, but how is it possible that out of 50 states, New Jersey gets the 51st position?", I inquired. I know that I don't keep up with current events, but if the United States had gained a new state, I think I would have heard about it by now. "Did GMAC included Puerto Rico or Guam in their study?". I did not realize until the last election that both these territories contributed electoral votes to the Democratic ticket.
"No, they counted the District of Columbia (Washington DC) in the study." replied by better half.

Wow, New Jersey has been building up a reputation. In the past, we were made famous by all those NJ Turnpike jokes. Then later by a former governor that had a homosexual affair. But now, not only do we have the worst car drivers, New Jersey has the worst airport in the entire country (in terms of delays). Yes, good old Newark International Airport. That's pretty impressive to be dead last in two separate categories pertaining to transportation.

During lunch today, one of my customers remarked that he's glad to see that New Jersey has made a serious and concerted effort to reduce airport congestion.
"Oh really, how are they reducing airport connection?" I asked."Did they add a runway?".
"Yes, they added a runway on the Hudson River." he replied.

Well our tiny state is becoming more significant and making headlines.

As a personal hobby, for the last 15 years, I have been working on my family tree. You would think after 15 years of work, I would have build something enormous. When you work on it for about 6 hours per year, it's slow going. Collecting information and photos is the greatest challenge. With some ancestors I have mounds of information; with others ancestors, I have absolutely nothing on them. Why are some people remembered and some forgotten? Why are some people more significant than others?

On the subject of significance and my attempt to bring it to a more personal level, will you be remembered a year after your death? 10 years? How about 100 years from now?

On a broader and historic level, why are some peoples remembered and some totally forgotten? You could easily be overwhelmed by volumes of reading material from past Roman or Greek cultures. Why is there so little on the Celtic civilization or even more recent civilizations like the Cherokee or Sioux Indian nations? Why makes a person, nation, or civilization great? What does a great person, nation, or civilization have that make future generations study, learn, and remember him/her/them?

Sponge Bob?.....................No.
Great personality?............. No.
Lousy airport?.................... No.

The answer is simple. The secret ingredient that great people or civilizations all have in common is something called, "contribution".

Next week I want to look at one very significant writer named Paul. If there was a guy in the Bible that could have a impressive resume', it was this guy. He wrote approximately 1/3 of the Bible's New Testament. He was a Jew by birth. His teacher was a prominent man named Gamaliel. Paul knew the law of Moses like the back of his hand (he claimed he was a Pharisee of Pharisees), he was a Roman citizen, and lived in a culture with very strong Jewish, Greek, and Roman influences. He spoke at least three languages fluently.

Paul says something significant about the three cultures in which he was immersed in; and note that these three cultures still have great influence on the world today. Paul makes an absolutely brilliant and true statement that has direct significance towards you and I. Now if you been with me on this journey, you should remember Truth has nothing to do with belief. In other words, whatever is True has nothing to do with whether you believe it or not. Next week, let's look at this brilliant truth claim he makes.




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