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1949 Ford Coupe
Some history & technical specifications

The 1949 Ford represented a major departure from previous Ford styling and was a huge sales success, propelling Ford back into second place after it had trailed Chrysler through much of the '30s and '40s. This custom coupe is owned by Vic and Helen Hollinghead.
Photo by Larry Wright /

This 1949 Ford two-door coupe is owned by Gordon Jackson Sr. of Redford, MI. Under the hood is a full-race flathead V-8 with a C-4 automatic transmission and a stock rear end. Jackson has owned the car for 14 years and did all the work himself.
Photo by Larry Wright /

Ford brought out it's first new post WWII car designs in 1949. This Custom Club Coupe shows how different they were from the previous models. Engines were either a 95hp six or a 100hp V8. Standard and Custom models looked the same except for the "Ford Custom" on the side trim.
Courtesy of HubcapCafe

The 1949 Ford was revolutionary when it was introduced in the spring of that year. After the second World War, Ford Motor Company had been producing only remodeled designs of their 1942 automobile. Sleek and slab-sided with the trademark circle in the front grille, the 1949 Ford broke from previous ideas of design and engineering. By the late 1940s, the dominance of the Big Three was more apparent than ever. The 1949 Ford symbolized the company's revitalization under Henry Ford II, who had taken over for his grandfather in 1945. Modern management methods and dramatically new products returned Ford to second place in sales.

Finding the company in total disarray, Henry Ford II lured Ernest R. Breech from the presidency of Bendix Aviation Corporation to be his executive vice-president and implement the recovery of Ford. Henry Ford II also lured in a dynamic management team to overhaul the company, including ten Harvard-trained ex-Air Force officers dubbed the Whiz Kids.
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April 1, 1949 Specifications
The 1949 Ford was offered in nine body styles:

Tudor Style 98BA-70A 98HA-70A
Ford or Sedan 98BA-73A 98HA-73A
Club Coupe 98BA-72A 98HA-72A
Business Coupe 98BA-72C 98HA-72C


Tudor Sedan 98BA-70B 98HA-70B
Ford Sedan 98BA-73B 98HA-73B
Club Coupe 98A-72B 98HA-72B
Convertible Club Coupe 98BA-76 98HA-76
Station Wagon 98BA-79 98HA-79

Wheelbase 114"
Tread, front 56"
Tread, rear, except Station Wagon 56"
Station Wagon 60"
Turning radius (outer front wheel) 20' 5 1/2"
Minimum road clearance with normal load 7.5"
Maximum over-all height, Fordor Sedan with normal load 63.1"
Maximum over-all length over standard bumper guards (except Station Wagon) 196.8"
Station Wagon 208.0"
Maximum width over molding (except Station Wagon) 72.8"
Station Wagon 76.4"
Fuel tank capacity (except Station Wagon), U. S. gallons 16
Station Wagon 19"
Crankcase oil capacity, qts.:
normal refill .4
refill when filter element is changed 5
Cooling system capacity, qts.:
V-8 with no heater 21
V-8 with heater 22
Six with no heater 16
Six with heater 17
Type L-head, 90 degrees "V"
No. cylinders 8
Bore x stroke 3 3/16" x 3 3/4"
Piston displacement, cu. 239.4"
Taxable (S.A.E.-A.M.A.) horsepower 32.5
Max. brake horsepower at rpm 100 @ 3600
Compression ratio 6.8 to 1

Type L-head
No. cylinders 6
Bore x stroke 3.3" x 4.4"
Piston displacement, cu. 225.9"
Taxable (S.A.E.-A.M.A.) horsepower 26.1
Max. brake horsepower at rpm 95 @ 3300
Compression ratio 6.8 to 1

Type 3 speeds forward, one reverse
Shift lever location on steering column
Gear ratios:
first 2.819 to 1
second 1.604 to 1
third (direct drive) 1 to 1
reverse 3.625 to 1
Type of gears all helical
How engaged:
first and reverse sliding gear
second and third. constant mesh with blocker type synchronizer

OVERDRIVE (optional at extra cost):
Type automatic
Ratio 0.70 to 1
Automatic cut-in at speeds above (approx.) 27 mph
Automatic return to direct drive when speed drops below (approx.) 21 mph

Type independent, swinging link with "Hydra-Coil" springs
Coil spring diameter, inside 4.0"
Shock absorbers hydraulic, double-acting, tubular type
Caster and camber independent adjustment for each at each wheel
Type longitudinal, semi-elliptic leaf springs
Spring length x width 50 x 2"
No. of leaves:
Station Wagon 9
All other models 7
Type liners impregnated fabric inserts at tips of leaves*
Bracket and shackle bushings rubber, concentrated-pressure type
Lubrication required none
*Between tips of 5 top leaves on Station Wagon, 4 top leaves on all others
Type semi-floating
Final drive gears hypoid
Gear ratios (except Station Wagon ):
standard without overdrive 3.73 to 1
standard with overdrive 4.10 to 1
optional without overdrive 4.10 to 1
Gear ratios for Station Wagons:
standard without overdrive 3.91 to 1
standard with overdrive 4.27 to 1
Axle shafts integral flanged steel forgings
Wheel bearings sealed, permanently lubricated, single row ball

Type self-energizing, 4-wheel, hydraulic
Drum type composite, cast iron and steel
Drum diameter:
front 10"
rear, except Station Wagon 10"
rear, Station Wagon only 11"
Lining width:
front 2 1/4"
rear 1 3/4"
Total lining area, sq. in.:
all models except Station Wagon 176.0
Station Wagon 182.8

Type mechanical application of rear brakes
Actuation T-handle on dash through lever and equalizing cable

Type symmetrical linkage with cross-link and idler arm
Steering gear worm and triple tooth roller
Gear ratio 17.7 to 1
Overall ratio 23.2 to 1

All models except Station Wagon:

Tire Wheel
standard 6.00x16 4-ply 16x4 1/2 K
extra cost 6.70xl 5 4-ply 15x5 K
special order 6.00x16 6-ply 16x4 1/2 K
special order 6.70xl 5 6-ply 15x5 K
Station Wagon:
standard 7.10x15 6-ply 15x5 K
Standard tires have black sidewalls. All tires available with white sidewalls at additional cost.

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The Henry Ford is an AAM accredited institution. The complex is an independent, non-profit, educational
institution not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company or the Ford Foundation. For more information on the Henry Ford:

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