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Created on 8/26/2009
Products found: 19
item# 1201SLB

Chubby School Bus w/ IC Sound & Light (4.75") 1201SLB

item# 9328SD

Funny School Bus w/ IC Light & Sound (3.5") 9328SD

item# 92163PY

Jada Toys D-Rods - DIV Cruizer Skool Bus (1:24, Yellow) 92163PY

item# 12002W17H

Jada Toys Dub City - Wave 17 (1:64, Asstd.H) 12002W17H

item# 5005D

Kinsmart - Chevy Suburban School Bus (1950, 1:36, 4.5", Yellow) 5005D

item# 4004

Kinsmart - Mini School Bus (3.75", Yellow) 4004

item# 5107NY

Kinsmart - New York School Bus (5", Yellow) 5107NY

item# 2523D

Kinsmart - School Bus (2.5", Yellow) 2523D

item# 5108D

Kinsmart - School Bus Big Wheel (5", Asstd.) 5108D

item# 9828SD

New School Bus w/ IC Light & Sound (4.75") 9828SD

item# 9326NY

New York School Bus (5", Yellow) 9326NY

item# 50152AC

RC2 Johnny Lightning JL Gold R29 Cars (1:64, Asstd.) 50152AC

item# 210D

School Bus (2", Yellow) 210D

item# 93282

School Bus (3.75") 93282

item# 9326/8

School Bus (5") 9326/8

item# 9829D

School Bus (5") 9829D

item# 51205

School Bus (7.25", Yellow) 51205

item# 6851D

Superior - School Bus (1:45, 6", Yellow) 6851D

item# 9852D

Superior - School Bus (1:45, 8.5", Yellow) 9852D

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